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Usually, I am free at the weekends, but sometimes I also have something to do. This weekend, I will be busy, because at Saturday, I am going to read a magazine in the morning. Afternoon, I will go to the zoo with my grandparents. On Sunday, I will go to the bookstore to buy some books for reading. Afternoon, I will go to the train school to learn Kongfu. At night, I will stay at home and have a good rest.



Makes me happy weekend a lot, but I think this weekend is the most happy weekend.

That day my father and I together to play chess, dad said: “every sample is your choice! I can beat you.” I secretly think of one thing, that is, dad won"t play, so I just choose the gobang, father saw I took gobang he think: form change! I this time must be lost.

Haven"t started my eerie smile to say to my father: “come, we are father and son two wars three hundred round, don"t tired not to return.”

I started my father was killed a man. He lost, I won.

Started the second round, I step short of winning, but his eyes quickly. Let me the move fell through. Finally no matter how dad struggled to resist or lost.

Whether the gobang war is wonderful! This weekend I really happy. (article reading web:







I have busy weekend.in saturday morning, I’m read books and do my howework. in afternoon, I’m lean my room.in evening, I’m watch tv and movies.in sunday morning, I’m play basketball with my good fiend .

We are very happy. in afternoon, I’m go to marketplace buy some food. in evening, I’m go to concert.

This weekend,I’m very tired,but I’m enjoy onerseles.



my Weekends

Weekends to people mean that they can have a two-day good rest. For example, people can go out to enjoy themselves or get together with relatives and friends to talk with each other or watch interesting video tapes with the whole family.

Everyone spends weekends in his own way. Within two days, some people can relax themselves by listening to music, reading novels, or watching films. Others perhaps are more active by playing basketball, wimming or dancing. Different people have different relaxations.

I often spend weekends with my family or my friends. Sometimes my parents take me on a visit to their old friends. Sometimes I go to the library to study or borrow some books to gain much knowledge. I also go to see various exhibition to broaden my vision. An excursion to seashore or mountain resorts is my favorite way of spending weekends. Weekends are always enjoyable for me.





Yesterday, Yao Xiaohan asked me to go to play, but as I get there, and what the characteristics of the teacher to lead team. Alas! Only to help them.

We are divided into several teams, I, YuGuKun, Chen Tianjian is a group of three people, what the teacher said matters needing attention, everyone is dispersed in a hubbub. Originally very characteristics snacks, the teacher asked us to survey changsha and we are in a fog came to ace than shwe ice cream shop. After investigation, the original is a ice cream shop Wang Han.

Finished investigation, ace, than shwe, we went to McDonald"s. The waiter aunt took us to visit McDonald"s there inside the equipment, the original McDonald"s for us is the most fresh and delicious, over a period of time will not fresh food to lose.


My weekend

Last Sunday, I woke up at 6:00 in the morning. I felt tired because I didn"t sleep well last night.

After I had breakfast, I decided to stay home. So I called my friend to ask her if she could come to my home and we could play videio games. She said yes. After one hour, she came to my home. We played my favorite games. We really enjoyed it.

We had a good day.


On Sunday, I can meet my cat again, because the cat in my shop, at ordinary times, I don"t often go to the store only on Sunday. The cat is ran on its own. Snow White, only have a little bit of black on the nasal tip, one eye is yellow, the other is green, looks very cute. Every time I see it, it always when I sleep. No wonder people say lazy lazy cat! May be because the cat is famous for laziness!


A happy weekend I have planned a happy weekend.Saturday morning, I must go to see me aunt.In the afternoon, I must go to the shopping center to go shopping.Evening,

I planned makes the homework.Sunday in the morning, I watch the television, the television program is extremely interesting.In the afternoon, I planned listens to music and paints pictures.I thought this weekend I can be very weary, but is certainly very joyful.


Every week is the same. From Monday to Friday, I was immersed in the school culture curriculum. But what bothered me most was the weekend, the whole weekend is the ocean of homework, the world of cram school. On Saturday, three classes, like a bunch of scoundrels, occupied my Saturday morning, afternoon and evening. On Saturday morning, when others also indulged in a dream, I had to get up, after breakfast, hurried to catch up with piano lessons at 8:30 in the first quarter, come rain or shine, all the year round every Saturday morning are to catch a plane. At noon, after a meal slowly digesting 15 minutes, I had to hurry to practice the calligraphy, so that the afternoon went on and on, without stopping for a moment. Every minute of the night is not empty. In the tutorial class, the brain is doing strenuous exercise every moment, which makes my mind extremely nervous. After two hours of brain activity, my brain seems to be collapsing as soon as it"s over, and the whole person seems to be falling down.

Sunday is just a review of English, but there is still a lot of homework to do. Sunday was full, and most of the homework was completed on Sunday, so Sunday was not easy. Two days on the weekend, there is no room for my own, only cram school and homework


Dr"s next to the mother to work, have a pet store, is a favorite haunt of my weekend. There are many lively and lovely puppies and kittens in the shop. They name a special good, some name is lulu, some call cow, also called millet and small white expensive. Lulu is a poodle, her whole body white, a pair of long ears. Sitting in a cage, like an elegant lady. My favorite dog called cc, his fur of tan, he is especially like sneezing, with an open mouth, very funny.

Every time I walked in the door, they welcomed me alive and kicking. I turn and they say “hello”, “hello, I come to see you again, did you want to me?” They shouted, as if to say: “miss you, miss you!”

Today the weather is very good, warm in the sun. My uncle and aunt give dog a hot bath together, give them "hair, and then go out beautiful sunshine.



In the morning, as the alarm rings, came on Sunday.

Our family still snoring sleep on the bed, doing their own dreams. Suddenly, my eyes, “shua” of the open, pinching nose a few parents, see they are still in sleep, I will put a pillow in the bed and get up to watch TV. When I see it with relish, a voice from behind me: “FeiBin.” Frighten me to jump up. Turned out to be a mother, “look very beautiful wow!” I know mother down what to say, “sou” took five dollars to buy a roll with a face. I"m panting, when I come home out of breath, but mom said: “I"m not saying I want m skin?” I fainted.

Afternoon, when the homework, hand in the homework, soul has to travel around the world, swim, looked back at the topic, but don"t know where to write up. Out of the picture books have a after the meeting, the east Chou Chou, the west looked at, didn"t care a bit want to write my homework. Suddenly my mother came in, I immediately to speed up the speed, fast to complete a second one. After mother walked, and continue to plan just now.

TV in the evening, is my territory, I watched TV, so happy!

Sleep later, I play the game in a dream, sing pop, became a big star, everyone is looking for my signature, hand sign the hemp.

I like Sunday!









I have busy weekend.in saturday morning, I’m read books and do my howework. in afternoon, I’m lean my room.in evening, I’m watch tv and movies.in sunday morning, I’m play basketball with my good fiend .

We are very happy. in afternoon, I’m go to marketplace buy some food. in evening, I’m go to concert.

This weekend,I’m very tired,but I’m enjoy onerseles.


Today is Sunday. After I finish my homework in the afternoon, I badgered my parents to have some fun. Mom and dad are bored and want to have fun, so their eyes are set on me. I saw the thoughts of my father and mother, so I came up with a solution. I said, “America has an April fool"s day. Why don"t you come to fool"s day today?” Mom and dad agreed?

Everyone agreed that the person who was cheated today must not be angry, not angry, who has been cheated the most, who is the “fool wang”? Finish, I return to the study to read a book, father is watching TV, mother make dinner to go?

A moment later, my father called me: “lu yuting, you like to watch the double sound gun!” I listen, two words do not say, run to the sitting room, see, which have what “double sound gun”, but advertisement? I had an eye on the ball and came up with a way to turn the veil back on him. I hold a smile and knock at the door, I learn uncle wang"s voice: “is someone there, have your letter?” When my father heard this, he hurried to open the door. When he saw me, he knew that he had been cheated. At this moment, only to hear her mother wash things and say: “you two quick to eat my washed apple!” When we eat an apple, you chase me to the kitchen? Come to the kitchen to see, wash of which is what apple, clear is turnip? Dad and I were blindsided?


Im have a busy weekend.

On Sturday, Im going to the bookstore with my mother . We are going to buy some books.? Then were? going to eat breatfast. On Sunday .Im going to visit my grandparents with my? father, mother and brother. Then? were going to the park .that well be fun !

What about you?

What are you going to do this weekeng? Can you tell me?


Finally arrived at the weekend, this is my most looking forward to every week day, why? Because the day I can make all day.

First of all, let me finish my math 100 recruit to fill, you can start my plans for the weekend, because today is a rainy day, so I can only at home and watch my story book.....


It was Sunday and I didn"t have to go to school. I finished my homework the day before. So I decided to help mother do housework. I washed some clothes after I got up. Then I went shopping with a basket. I bought some meat, eggs and some vegetables in the market. After I came back, I started to cook dinner for the whole family. In the evening, I sat at the table and began to write down on my notebook what I had done during the day.



I am going to have a wonderful weekend.My best friend invited me to her birthday Party which will not end until Saturday noon.Then, I will spend the rest of the day hanging out in the mall with my cousin.On Sunday, we are leaving for the country to visit my grandparents.I havent visit them for a long time and I miss them very much.I really look forward to my weekend.


I am Mike, a Chinese boy. I have a plan about next weekend. First I am going to read magazine on Saturday morning. It’s my favorite. And then I will go to the zoo with my parents because they have promised me. On Sunday, I will go to the book store and buy an English book. After that, I have to do some homework.

It’s my weekend plan. And I think it will be wonderful days.





Hi, this is Lisa. I am going to have a busy weekend. On Saturday, I’m going to do my homework. then, I’m going to buy a book about Harry Potter. It’s my favourite book. I have a lot of posters of Harry Potter. After lunch, I’m going to visit my grandparents and play with my cousins, Denis and and Alice. they are active. Dennis likes singing very much. Alice likes drawing pictures. We often play hide-and-seek together. In the evening, I’ll help my mom clean the house. I like help my mom with the housework. My mom always says I am a good girl. After that, I am going to read the book about Harry Potter. That will be fun.

On Sunday, I am going to the stamp show in Qinghui Gardens. I like collecting stamps. I have got 150 stamps. In the evening, I am going to back school. What about you? What are you going to do on the weekend? Can you tell me, please?